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Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Drink

It’s so amazing that a kitchen staple like apple cider vinegar can be so multi-purpose and awesome for your skin. We don’t have to look hard and far at all for a magical beauty fix.

We’ve done DIY facials with ACV, clarified our hair with it, and used it in salad dressings liberally, but our favorite way to get our skin in shippy shape is to drink it. If you have an acne breakout, try drinking ACV three times a day. It is powerfully detoxifying and helps to flush out your system, and clear your skin.

What’s actually inside ACV? The main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, however it also contains other acids, like lactic, citric and malic, vitamins, mineral salts, and amino acids.

Fermentation is used to make apple cider into vinegar, where bacteria and yeast break down the sugars in the cider. Thus, drinking this fermented tonic will help aid digestion and encourage the growth of good gut bacteria that is so important for clear, radiant skin and health.

How do you drink ACV? Always mix ACV in some water so it doesn’t burn your throat and stomach. Do not drink it straight. Be warned!

Does it taste a little funky? It might for some folks so we have a tasty solution for you — put a scoop of Sparkle Skin Boost Orange Powder into a glass of  filtered water plus a tablespoon of ACV — and you don’t have to hold your nose to down it. In fact, we bet you’ll want to savor it slowly or just gulp down another glass of this citrusy goodness.

It’s a beauty drink that will detox your system and saturate your skin cells with plumping collagen peptides and vitamin C.

Tip: Due to the highly acidic nature of ACV, we would advise you to gargle with some water or simply chase your ACV water with just a plain glass of water to wash away any corrosive residue on your teeth.

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