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5 Things You Should Do Before Bed To Feel Centered

5 Things You Should Do Before Bed To Feel Centered

We often read about how to get our mornings to start on the right foot but what we do before we sleep has an equally important impact on our health and well-being.

Wrapping up the day helps you set the tone you want for the next day. Here are a few simple steps on how to create a restful nightly routine:


Prep for tomorrow. Reduce your stress levels by having at least an idea of how tomorrow will pan out. Make a quick list of things you need to do and the order of priority they have. Do you want to work out in the morning? Lay out your exercise clothes. Do you have a day of meetings? Pack the necessary documents, electronic gadgets, stationary etc. you need for work.

Choose a relaxing ritual. Be it using a pillow spray or drinking a warm mug of decaf tea (with some Sparkle to nourish and repair your skin) or taking a bath. We all need signals to help our minds and bodies to “switch off” from the more intense pace we keep up in the day.

Turn off your phone at least an hour before bed. Disconnecting from emails and social media would help you focus on being present — hang out with your partner and/or kids, read a book, go for a slow evening stroll, or sip on a warm mug of tea.

Sleep earlier. It actually takes a lot of discipline to hit the hay earlier but it’s so worth it to clock in that extra hour of sleep because you will feel fresher and more energetic the next morning.

Reflect on your day. We need time with our thoughts to understand what passed during the day. Even if you cannot solve every problem, at least recognize it for what it is and deal with it another time. If just thinking and meditating don’t cut it, write in a journal to sort your ruminations out so you can feel less cluttered mentally.