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Tips for Staying Healthy as You Age

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Written by Laura Heikkila
creator of Ageless Women Society

When I was younger, I didn’t overthink aging. I took for granted that I was able to get out of bed daily, without aches or pains. My perspective changed as I entered my forties and started to notice the first signs that my body was not as agile and mobile as it used to be. I longed for the energy and vitality of my youth and was on a mission to understand how to slow down the aging process.

Keys to Healthy Aging

The two most beneficial things I found were making changes to my nutrition, by following an anti-inflammatory diet; and adjusting my fitness habits through strength training in order to build muscle mass.

Nutrition for longevity 

Inflammation is the root cause of auto-immune diseases and hormonal imbalance, which are two issues that many of my female clients are dealing with. 

An anti-inflammatory diet promotes better health and can benefit our hormones. It can also promote sustainable weight loss. 

Here are some simple ways to adjust your diet to lower inflammation: 

  • Focus on whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, grains, legumes and nuts
  • Limit the intake of seed oils, sugar, gluten and dairy
  • Avoid processed foods including frozen foods
  • Add a good collagen supplement to promote healthy skin, joints and bones

Exercise with muscles in mind

Building muscle is vital as we age. Not only does it improve our body composition, but it improves our metabolism. We lose about 10% of our muscle mass each decade after the age of forty, so it’s important that we fight against it with regular strength training. 

Here are two things you can do to build muscle:

  1. Weight training. I recommend four to five weight training sessions a week, if possible.
  2. Adequate protein: Aim to consume about 0.8-1 times of protein per kilogram of your goal lean body weight every day. 

Adding habits for longevity are not meant to be complicated. Eating whole foods and staying physically active are simple steps toward healthy aging. Making these small changes today can greatly impact how you live. Incorporating more nutritious, whole foods into your diet will help keep your body strong, while regular physical activity can help with strength, flexibility, and cognitive health.

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