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Retailer Coupon Code Program

Recognizing the value created by Retailers introducing Sparkle to new Customers

What is the Sparkle Retailer Coupon Code Program?

Sparkle dietary supplements, when embraced by a customer, are intended to be purchased every month.

For many Retailers, this repeat purchasing is great, you can expect your regular customers to be buying Sparkle monthly.

Destination Spas, Hotel Spas, Wellness Retreats
There are also many Retailers, such as Destination Spas and Hotel Spas, that do not have regular return visits by their customer base, instead customers tend to visit only once.

If that customer has been introduced to Sparkle during their visit, and wishes to continue buying each month after they get home, they will typically do so online at the Sparkle webstore.

For Sparkle, and for the customer, the introduction to Sparkle by the Retailer has been of value, and is appreciated.

Our Way to Say 'Thank You'

The Sparkle Retailer Coupon Code Program is our way to recognize this for the Retailer.

How does the Program work?

For once-off non-regular customers, you can present them with a Coupon Code Voucher for purchasing Sparkle online at

The coupon code provides the customer with a 10% discount for online purchases.



The coupon code on the voucher is specific to your retail location, and in that way when it is used by the customer, we learn that this customer was introduced to Sparkle at your retail location.

On a customer's use of the coupon code, we credit your retail location with 20% of the value of their first purchase and of all subsequent purchases in the 2 year period following.

You can use that credit towards future orders of Sparkle product for your location, or receive a cash payment, or let us know how else you might like to receive the value of the credit.

Did you know?

Your customer doesn't need to purchase Sparkle in your location, you can still give them a voucher. Great for a customer wanting to travel light and can be included in take-home gift packages!

How to join the Program?

If you would like to participate in the Sparkle Retailer Coupon Code Program, please email us at and we'll be in touch to get you started.