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Muscle Boost Powder

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Meagan Kong

“I love that Sparkle's Muscle Boost has muscle building AND fat burning benefits,” Kong raves. “I also love that it comes in flavors that are tasty with just water so I can keep up with my protein intake while on the go or traveling.” Now, that’s a flex!

  • MUSCLE SUPPORT: Made with science-backed BODYBALANCE Bioactive Collagen Peptide  and boosted with Vitamin C. Muscle Boost is clinically proven to stimulate fat and muscle metabolism to boost your workout for optimal fitness and physical strength. Actual results will vary person to person
  • BETTER THAN WHEY: Studies show more muscle growth and more fat burn than traditional protein powders containing whey
  • BUILDS LEAN BODY MASS: clinically tested to stimulate and regulate muscle metabolism to give you more “lean body mass”. This means stronger and more toned muscles
  • REDUCES FAT MASS: It is also proven to influence fat metabolism leading to optimal body physique and composition
  • HYDROLYZED BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN: This means the collagen we use is easily digestible and can pass through the gut, remain intact and ultimately target the issue - in this case feeding healthy muscle metabolism
  • GRASS FED, PASTURE RAISED: Bovine Derived Collagen that is 100% Grass-Fed and Pasture Raised.
  • ENHANCED WITH BUFFERED VITAMIN C: As Calcium Ascorbate, a type of buffered vitamin C, provides longer bioavailability and is non-acidic so gentle on the stomach
  • HOW & WHEN TO USE: One serve (3 scoops) should be taken within 60mins of your workout. It can be blended into water, or be added to many different foods and beverages, like smoothies, tea and yogurt
  • NATURALLY FLAVORED: Depending on your personal preference, Muscle Boost is available in 3 flavors. No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners. All ingredients are non-GMO. Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, soy free. Super low calorie
  • DIDNT LOVE IT? IT'S ON US: We go the extra mile to source only the most premium ingredients that have evidence-based science. All Sparkle products come with a Money Back Guarantee so you can try it risk-free
Love Sparkle Life

For a leaner, stronger body...

Working out, staying fit and getting toned is on everyone’s to-do list; but, we could all use some extra support in reaching our fitness goals.

Most of us have blended up a vanilla protein shake after a work-out to help with recovery and muscle building, right? Well, research shows us that the protein you should be feeding after a workout is Collagen. Collagen is the single most abundant protein in your body and is responsible for holding you together (literally).

Sparkle Wellness Muscle Boost Collagen supplement supports your body and boosts your workout with a specialized collagen peptide called BODYBALANCE®. This speciality blend of hydrolyzed collagen is shown to decrease fat mass, increase lean body muscle and leave you stronger and more toned. **

Best part of it is that you are getting your daily dose of collagen which aids in the overall health of your joints, ligaments, skin and hair - Bonus!

Adding Muscle Boost to your drink or snack of choice is simple, and will help boost the effect of your workout or yoga sesh. Use it daily to achieve results within 10 weeks - as long as you keep your training going too (of course)!



** As demonstrated in clinical studies






Great Selection of Flavors!

Choose from three great-tasting flavors in our Skin Boost Plus range:

Muscle Boost Mixed Berry flavor

Mixed Berry
Enjoy a luscious fruity fusion of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

Muscle Boost No Flavor

No Flavor
For those who prefer their supplements to be incognito in their choice of beverage

Muscle Boost Orange flavor

This citrus blend gives a refreshing zing of bright orange and pineapple notes


Muscle Boost is sweetened with stevia so it's full of flavor, yet the calories are super low.

Sparkle Muscle Boost Mixed Berry Supplement Facts

Sparkle Muscle Boost No Flavor Supplement Facts


Each serve of Sparkle Muscle Boost contains:

Active Ingredients per Serve

BODYBALANCE® Collagen Peptides 15,000 mg
Buffered Non-acidic Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) 100 mg


The perfect harmony of this highly specialized Bioactive Collagen Peptide and Vitamin C is the exact kick your work-out needs to get you the results you deserve.

Activating the m-TOR pathway leads to improved muscle metabolism and harmonizes the balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein degradation. This is what leads to an increase in lean body mass - in other words, a fitter and more toned body.

By stimulating the AMPK, Muscle Boost helps lead to an increase in fat metabolism and fat burn supporting the hours you spent in the gym or barre class.


Other Ingredients

Mixed Berry
Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Mixed Berry Flavors, Stevia (organic), Silica, Red Beet Powder (color)

No Flavor
No additional ingredients

Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor, Stevia (organic), Silica, Beta Carotene (color)


Free From GMOs, Artificial Ingredients, Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Soy

Sparkle has no GMOs, Artificial Ingredients, Sugar, Gluten, Diary or Soy

Allergen Statement None present

Calories Only 56 calories per serve

More Details

The primary ingredient in Sparkle Wellness Muscle Boost is BODYBALANCE® Collagen Peptides from Gelita.


How to Prepare

Sparkle Skin Boost is easy to prepare. Here are some simple suggestions.

Just Add Water

For the Flavored Versions - Just Add Water
Add three scoops of Muscle Boost into a glass of water and stir.

Best done with room temperature water, and then chill afterwards by adding ice.

Blend in to Smoothies

For All Versions - Blend in to Smoothies
Muscle Boost is great in a smoothie.

Simply add Muscle Boost to your smoothie preparation before you blend.

With Tea

For All Versions - With Tea
Muscle Boost light flavor notes complement many teas.

Muscle Boost can be added to hot or cold beverages. Mix three scoops into your cuppa and enjoy!

Mix with Yogurt

For All Versions - Mix with Yogurt
Muscle Boost can be added to food too!

To add Muscle Boost to your yogurt, add three scoops, then mix well. Then add the yogurt to your morning bowl.

For additional ideas of delicious and nutritious ways to prepare your daily Sparkle, visit our blog or sign up for our email newsletter


Clincally Proven Results

Several randomized, placebo-controlled, double blinded studies have demonstrated the efficacy and potential of the daily intake of 15 g BODYBALANCE® in combination with resistance training.

In the most recent study to study the effectiveness of BODYBALANCE as a post-workout supplement was conducted comparing it against a placebo. 114 health males participated in the research which required them to partake in resistance training in combination with the supplement they were supplied. The results of the study are charted below.


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Just what l was looking for

Just what I was looking for to improve my health, it works and we order some more recently and I am very happy with it, thank you so much ❤️

Tammy Kirk

Taste great

Mineli Gagliano

It's working

Sarita Mendoza
Muscle Boost Powder

I was wanting to know if this product is gluten free?

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