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Spa Retailer Training Materials

Spa Retailer Training Pre-recorded Webinar

We've prepared a five part series of short webinars that introduce Sparkle and core ideas around collagen peptide supplements.

This webinar is intended for Spas starting out with offering Sparkle in their location.

We suggest staff in a Spa, such as Estheticians and Retail staff, that will be involved in presenting and discussing Sparkle with customers will benefit from watching this video.


Part 1: Introduction to Sparkle  (13 min)

View on Youtube here:


Part 2: Presenting Sparkle to Spa Customers (8 min)

View on Youtube here:


Part 3: Likely Customer Results (5 min)

View on Youtube here:


Part 4: FDA - the do's and the don'ts (2 min)

View on Youtube here:


Part 5: Common Customer Questions (3 min)

View on Youtube here:

A PDF of the presentation slides is also available for download. (File Size approx 10Mb)



Sparkle Product Training Guide

A comprehensive guide for you and your team to understand Sparkle.

Contents of this Training Guide include:

  • an outline of the the nutritional science of a collagen peptide supplement
  • ideas on how to present and discuss Sparkle products with your customers
  • an overview of the points of difference of the various products in the Sparkle range

Fast Tip: if you're looking for the key points in talking to a customer, and don't have time to read and watch all the materials available on this page, then go straight to page 7 of the Sparkle Product Training Guide for the 30 second explanation.

Document Current Version: 2.1
Document Format: PDF
Last Updated: June 2017

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