When is Sparkle available?

4pm CT: Daily release of new product

We are releasing new product to this site and Amazon every day at 4pm CT.
Please note: Our products often sell out within 2 to 3 hours after each day's release.

New Releases Coming Soon

The following products are scheduled for production in the coming week. Please check back over the next week.

  • Skin Boost (Tropical) [30-serves]
  • Skin Boost (Tropical) [50-serves]
  • Skin Boost Plus (No Flavor) [30-serves]
  • Skin Boost Plus (No Flavor) [50-serves]
  • Skin Boost Plus (Tropical) [30-serves]
  • Skin Boost Plus (Tropical) [50-serves]


12 March 2021

For the last two weeks, Sparkle Wellness products have largely been unavailable for purchase.

There's been a surge in interest in our products, with demand outstripping our inventory and our ongoing production output.

So that means Sparkle Wellness products are sold-out more often than they are available.

We know this is frustrating for both new and long term customers.

We would like to share how we are going to help you get some Sparkle. 

How long will the inventory shortages continue?

Over the next month we will be getting an increasing amount of inventory available, however we anticipate that the on-again-off-again sold out situation will continue through to mid April.

Part of the reason is that the number of people who, through the email sign-up form on our product pages, have registered for being notified when we are back-in-stock is larger than our total production capacity over the next four weeks, let alone leaving inventory for our existing longer term customers.

Quite simply put, demand is outstripping our near-term production capacity.

As such, we do not anticipate sending re-stock notifications to those registered on the back-in-stock notification system until mid April.


How do I get Sparkle product before mid-April?

We are making product every day, and we are releasing to our e-commerce store at www.lovesparkle.life and Amazon the quantity of product that has been made that day at 4pm Central Time. 

4pm CT: daily release of new product

Sparkle products will be available for sale until they sell out. Currently we are seeing the quantity released at 4pm each day sell out within about 2 to 3 hours.

To get some Sparkle in the near future, we urge you to look at www.lovesparkle.life or Amazon shortly after 4pm CT on a daily basis.

We know this will still leave many people without their Sparkle, but at this stage a first-come-first-serve system seems the only way we can best address this overwhelming demand for Sparkle Wellness products.

How are we increasing production volumes?

  1. Getting in significantly more raw materials from our suppliers.  This varies from supplier to supplier, with some able to deliver within 2 weeks, others take up to 8 weeks to deliver upon our increased requests. 
  2. Increasing the count and size of daily batches.  Our team is working long hours and weekends to increase the amount we are processing on our current equipment.
  3. More automation sophistication.  We are in the process of engaging a factory automation consultancy firm to guide us through how we can accelerate our production volumes through increasing the amount of robotics and automation that we use in our production line, which will allow our team to shift their focus from slower manual tasks to managing the machines. This process will take three to four months to fully complete, though we'll start seeing volume increases within weeks as we start to deploy elements of the final manufacturing line design.