Faire is on a mission to revolutionize the way retailers shop for their stores. Faire takes all the pain out of buying for store owners.

Retailers can come to Faire to find unique and exciting products from thousands of makers all in one place.

Faire is also the first wholesale marketplace to offer free returns.


Sparkle Products
are available wholesale
to qualified retailers
via the Faire platform


If you are not already a qualified retailer on the Faire platform, you can apply for a free account (pending approval as a retailer) on Faire here.

Faire offers Net 60 terms, POS integrations with Square and Shopify, and free shipping on your first order!

Using Faire makes the ordering process easier, including there is no wholesale price difference in purchasing Sparkle product directly or via Faire, as we don't pay commission on any wholesale orders you place for Sparkle product when you join Faire using the link below.

And, the cherry on top is that Faire will provide you with $100 in credit and 1 year of zero shipping fees that can be used when wholesale purchasing Sparkle product if you sign up for an account on Faire using the following link.


Apply to join Faire as a retailer now!