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Plastic-to-Zero Initiative

Our Commitment to the Environment

Plastic to Zero Initiative

Our Commitment to the Environment


Driven by care and dedicated to transparency

Driven by care and dedicated to transparency

Sparkle Wellness is always conscious of our responsibility to the environment and is committed to minimizing our ecological footprint and protecting the planet for generations to come. We continuously strive to make sustainable choices, from sourcing ingredients to product packaging to waste reduction.

We also believe in transparency and encourage our customers to join us in our environmental endeavor. Check this page regularly to stay informed about our sustainability initiatives and for updates on our progress in this mission.

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We've gone scoopless with our latest innovations

We're excited to announce that we are now going scoop-free with new product launches, starting with our new chocolate-flavored Skin Boost Plus. This is the first of many steps in our plan to eliminate scoops from Sparkle Wellness products in 2024.

Our goal: To drastically reduce our reliance on plastic and eventually reach our goal of becoming plastic-free.

Our dream is to build a community-focused, environmentally-conscious brand with 100% sustainable materials and carbon-neutral operations.

Our dream is to build a community-focused, environmentally conscious brand with 100% sustainable materials and carbon-neutral operations.

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As we develop products that care for the human body, we have a purpose to care for our planet as well. We hope to make a positive impact on you, our customers, our suppliers, our employees and planet earth. We have already made decisions, implemented changes and set plans to cut carbon emissions, reduce plastic use and work with sustainably sourced ingredients.

Early on, we made the conscious decision to manufacture all of our products in the US to remove unnecessary carbon emissions produced when shipping products across the ocean. We vigorously work to minimize unnecessary packaging waste both in our own operations and by encouraging suppliers to find new solutions to excessive plastic production.

We seek ways to reduce electrical usage and plan to build a solar-powered manufacturing plant by 2025. We’re also setting a goal to close the end-of-life loop of our products before they end up in landfills. This future system will allow consumers to send back finished packaging for industrial composting on our premises.

Our Sustainability Initiatives


Clinical studies

First and foremost, your health is our priority. Ensuring we find the purest and safest ingredients is our first job. We meticulously research each choice to determine its effectiveness so that you are taking something that will aid your health without compromising any other aspect of it. We are a family-owned business that develops products that are safe and effective enough for our family and friends — and that includes you.

Our partners

We use ingredients from all over the world, gathered through research and connections with trusted partners with proven records for fair practices. To us, it’s not only about finding the best ingredients but also about working with partners who are invested in sustainable production and environmentally friendly practices.

Our flavor partner, Zoom Essence, developed a unique process in the flavoring industry that reduced their energy and water consumption by 50%.

Organic and non-GMO

We seek to be non-GMO and organic wherever possible.


Green packaging

While we search for a biodegradable and compostable solution for all our products, we have opted for recyclable, BPA-free plastic jars and pouches (mostly made of paper) in the meantime.

Closing the loop

This option will allow us to develop our closed-loop recycling program, which will allow consumers to mail the pouch back for industrial composting. This future program will significantly reduce the footprint of our products.

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No more scoops

In December 2023, we began shipping scoop-free products to our consumers. In the future, we will provide a reusable branded solution that will be sent out to all new customers. With this initiative, our goal is to drastically reduce our reliance on plastic and eventually reach our goal of becoming plastic-free.

Other plastic use

Alternatives for all other plastic use, including the seal, will continue to be investigated.


Plastics waste

We look for the most sustainable course, opting for recyclable packaging, including 100% recyclable paper and boxes, and using the smallest boxes when shipping packages.

We are working with our shipping partners to find the most efficient method of getting our products from our warehouse to your doorstep.

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